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20 03 2012

Latest News

We are now introducing and manufacturing Permanent Drum Magnetic Separator for Sugar industry and some other industries

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01 01 2011

Quality Control

We have well-equipped quality control department with fully qualified eperienced staff in all departments. The quality is controlled right from raw materials to finished product at each stage of manufacture.

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Brakes & Clutches

We are expert and professionals in manufacturing Accurate Electromagnetic Disk Brakes & Electromagnetic Disk Clutches that are used in a number of industries for various applications. These are designed in different voltages, types, sizes and capacities. Brakes & Clutches are used for make and break positions of machines. These are used for smooth starting of machines and are mainly used in machines tools for their accurate size. We design both types of Brakes & Clutches either electricity is supplied or not supplied to these Brakes & Clutches.

Accurate Electromagnetic Brakes are widely used in industrial machinery and these work in both dry and wet condition. These are specially designed to the customer’s specification.

We manufacture Magnetic Brakes from the best quality raw materials. Our Brakes are excellent in design and performance. Accurate Electromagnetic Brakes are successfully used in industries because of Brakes dimensionally accuracy and good construction.

Accurate Electromagnetic Clutches are also used in various industries to make smooth transmission of motorized power. These Electromagnetic Disc Clutches are designed to the client’s special machine tool specifications.

Applications for Brakes & Clutches:
Our Brakes and Clutches are installed in the following industrial machinery.
Auto Vehicle Machinery    
Battery Making Machinery
Cables & Wire Machinery
Cement Machinery

Carpet Machinery

Ceramic Machinery
Chemical Machinery
Food & Beverages Machinery
Glass Industry Machinery
Hosiery Mills Machinery
Jute & Woollen Mills
Packages Industry
Paper & Board Industry
Plastic & PVC Industry
Rubber processing Industry
Safety Matches Industry

Textile Mills (Spinning Units Machinery)

Textile Mills (Weaving Units Machinery)

Textile Mills (Processing Units Machinery)