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20 03 2012

Latest News

We are now introducing and manufacturing Permanent Drum Magnetic Separator for Sugar industry and some other industries

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01 01 2011

Quality Control

We have well-equipped quality control department with fully qualified eperienced staff in all departments. The quality is controlled right from raw materials to finished product at each stage of manufacture.

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Circular Lifting Magnet

Circular Lifting Magnets are used in loading, unloading and transporting various steel scraps and irons. Any kind of scrap can be handled with Lifting Magnets and you find excellent lifting performance. In Iron and steel works, Lifting Magnets are used to handle materials such as steel ingots, billets, blooms, Pig Irons, sheets and plates.

The iron or steel particles in liquid products can also be separated with the use of Permanent Lifting Magnets. The Permanent Lifting Magnets are manufactured in different sizes and weight. Accurate Lifting Magnets save time and labors because these Magnets can handle steel products more quickly and efficiently than any other Mechanical tool. These are constructed with good moisture proofing. These have powerful magnetic force and low energy consumption. It is easy and simple to install, operate and maintain.






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