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20 03 2012

Latest News

We are now introducing and manufacturing Permanent Drum Magnetic Separator for Sugar industry and some other industries

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01 01 2011

Quality Control

We have well-equipped quality control department with fully qualified eperienced staff in all departments. The quality is controlled right from raw materials to finished product at each stage of manufacture.

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Hump Magnet

Accurate Magnetic Hump is mainly designed for removing ferrous iron particles from pneumatic conveyor systems. The Hump Magnet is applied where heavy and loose materials such as Textiles, Chemicals, Clay Products, Grain, Feed and sand are carried in Vertical, down gravity flow chutes.

Hump Magnets having 2 Plate Magnets mounted in an equalized housing and are installed in vertical spouts. As product enters the housing it clashes directly on the face of the 1st Plate Magnet, travels through the offset angle of the housing and clashes directly on the face of the 2nd Plate Magnet. This shows excellent results of separation for high volume and poor flowing materials.






                    Working View