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20 03 2012

Latest News

We are now introducing and manufacturing Permanent Drum Magnetic Separator for Sugar industry and some other industries

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01 01 2011

Quality Control

We have well-equipped quality control department with fully qualified eperienced staff in all departments. The quality is controlled right from raw materials to finished product at each stage of manufacture.

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Industrial Storage Tanks
We offer storage tanks in various configurations and capacities that are widely used in Chemical, Petroleum, Pharmaceutical, Food Industries & water treatment plants. These tanks are manufactured using high grade raw material, SS & MS Steel and with high performance, therefore, it requires very low maintenance. These are manufactured as per the clients requirement, these tanks are non-corrosive, long lasting, leak proof and easily cleanable
We have the ability to build a storage tank with maximum dimensions of 12 feet in diameter and 40 feet long, and a volume of more than 30,000 gallons, whether you need large volume storage tanks, very small process holding tanks, or high-pressure tanks or low-pressure tanks, we have the capacity and expertise to make it happen.

Milk Storage Tanks
We are able to supply to our clients Milk Storage Tanks that are specifically used for storing raw milk and processed milk as well. These are made of superior quality stainless steel and mild steel material. Both of our Mild and Stainless Milk Storage Tanks are very durable and are free from any rusting which keep the stored milk hygienic. We manufacture and design these milk storage tanks in vertical or horizontal form with the capacity of 100 liters to 100 kiloliters.

Sugar Syrup Tanks
 We manufacture Sugar Syrup Tanks that are used for mixing sugar in the pharmaceutical industry. Due to the manufacturing with quality SS/ MS material, these tanks are non-corrosive, long lasting, leak proof & require less maintenance. These are designed with capacity ranging from 500 liters to 1,00,0000 liters.

Chemical and Petroleum Storage Tanks
Our designed Storage Tanks are used in industries such as petroleum, chemical industries for storing petroleum products, chemicals and water. We manufacture both aboveground and underground tanks in standard sizes and vertical or horizontal shape as per customer requirement to meet their needs.
Steel Tanks for Chemical Industries are suitable for storing methanol, sodium hydroxide and sulfuric acid and are common for waste water treatment operations. Steel tanks can be single wall or double wall and may be fabricated from carbon or stainless steel.
Petroleum Storage Tanks are suitable for storing petroleum and other petroleum products, such as gasoline, Petrol, Diesel as well as other liquid products. Steel tanks can be single wall or double wall using quality material and may be fabricated from carbon or stainless steel.